About Me

Purple Coneflower Acrylic

About Me

I work full time as a graphic and website designer and I work at my home office. I have painted since I was a teenager in high school, I tried using acrylics but didn't really like them. I created watercolour paintings and loved how the paint flowed easily onto the paper.

Now I predominately use water mixable oils. I like the texture of the paint and having time to work with it. Acrylics dry too fast for me.

I love living in rural Ontario, surrounded by barns, waterfalls, trees, lakes, rivers, hills and valleys. There's artistic inspiration every day. Every day looks different. The interplay of light, form and structure of trees captivates me. I find myself often painting trees.

My paintings

My paintings are hung in a small gallery space in my office, others are in my studio during The Art Map Open Studio events which are the weekend before Thanksgiving. I am also represented by two  galleries, Matilda Swanson Gallery in Clarksburg or Butter Art & Gift in Collingwood.

Studio Visits

If you would like to visit my studio to see one of my paintings please contact me to make an appointment. I will let you know what I have available and if it is worth the trip. I can also let you know where a particular painting is located, as some of my paintings are out at galleries or shows.

Thank you for your interest in my work.

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