Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Birches - Landscape Oil Painting

The Birches, 12 x 12" oil painting on canvas
I finally broke down and painted birch trees. I resisted painting birch trees since a lot of artists do this subject matter. However, these trees have light colour bark with intriguing patterns and I find that an irresistible subject for a painting. I decided to paint one small canvas and take it from there to decide if I want to continue with any more paintings. I have not come to any conclusions at this point. I've been told by another artist that birches are over. Time will tell.

My goal when painting is to apply the paint thickly. I love the texture of thick paint and the role that the texture adds to the overall painting.

Update: I sold this painting. I may do more. Honestly I do like birch trees.

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