Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Country Road - Fall Landscape Original Oil Painting

Country Road 6x6" Oil on panel
This is my latest small painting, oil on cradled panel, 3/4" profile. I enjoy doing these small 6 x 6s. I try not to include too much detail and just let it happen. First I painted the panel burnt sienna. When it's dry I sketched out a few lines to indicate where the main sections were on the panel. Then I went ahead and painted the sky, trees and field in the foreground. 

I like the combination of colours of the dried grasses and brush, the bare trees in the background, the olive green cedars and blue green spruce. Some yellow leaves are still clinging to a few of the trees. I find myself really attracted to the colours of the fall. Even though the majority of the leaves have fallen there is still a lot of colour in this location.


  1. Nice one Barb. Fresh and well put together!

  2. I find your impressionist style very appealing and your color palette in this piece lovely!


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